the P2Earn Anatomy

The P2EARN team are Play-2-Earn gaming experts who know how to profit from the next generation of the Internet and this incredible technology revolution.

Meet The Team

P2Earn Management

Alex Lineton


Owen Sagness

Operations Director

Graham Martin


Len Schmidt


P2Earn Team

Alex LIneton

Operations Head

Chloe Clover

Community Manager

Board of Directors

Jesse Dylan

Jesse Dylan brings a wealth of experience in media and technology. With a proven track record of success in building and selling companies, Jesse has established himself as a visionary in the industry. His passion for the future of content, distribution, and digital currencies has driven his focus on hand-selecting teams to disrupt these rapidly evolving arenas. Jesse’s leadership and innovative thinking position him at the forefront of the industry, driving growth and progress for his companies and the sector as a whole.

Graham Martin

Graham Martin is a prominent gambling entrepreneur and part of P2Earn’s board of directors. Martin has an extensive background in the online gaming industry, having founded Bonne Terre Ltd (Sky Bet) and served as President of International Development at NewGioco Group Inc. He brings his expertise and experience to P2Earn’s Board of Directors to help the company expand into the wider online gaming environment.

Chris Bradley

Chris Bradley is a leading technologist and blockchain expert, who has created enterprise-level technology platforms for Santander Bank and multiple Nasdaq-listed technology providers including the company that was acquired by Facebook to create Facebook ads. He brings to P2Earn considerable experience in managing industrial-scale technology, infrastructure, and scalable software to successfully grow large-scale companies.

Gene Vailaitis

Eugene Vailaitis has led many organizations through rapid growth. As head of sales for a large US Art company, Gene scaled the business to over a quarter of a billion in Revenue in the company’s second year. Mr. Vailaitis is a seasoned business executive, board member of several public companies, and a well-recognized, award winning journalist.