P2Earn Welcomes EA Co-Founder Jeff Burton As Advisory Board Chairman

I have long believed that the concept of players earning a share of the profits through gameplay was the future of all gaming. The unique Guild model that P2Earn has developed, is the perfect way to implement this approach.

Jeff Burton

P2Earn Adds Microsoft-Backed Blockchain Game StarHeroes To Platform

StarHeroes is the first-ever multiplayer space shooter designed purely for esports and play-to-earn gaming. Microsoft recently partnered with the game's developers and gave them access to their Azure PlayFab platform.

Technology for the Future

P2Earn Inc is a leading technology company that specializes in delivering game-changing solutions on a global scale, with a focus on cutting-edge technology and a commitment to excellence. At P2Earn, we are passionate about blockchain technology and its incredible potential to transform the world as we know it. That’s why we are leading the charge in developing innovative applications that leverage the power of blockchain to create real-world solutions. 

P2Earn Inc. is a Canadian publicly listed company
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Innovative technology platforms

P2Earn is an industrial-scale technology innovation company, serving cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and enterprise-level technology projects such as integrated gaming guild operations, cryptocurrency mining, podcast creation, and distribution. Our focus is on growing infrastructure in a sustainable way that aligns with the needs of our planet and the benefits of cutting-edge technology.

Bitcoin Mining

P2Earn provides carbon neutral, energy efficient infrastructure to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. We are currently expanding our infrastructure using the latest Bitmain S19 Pro 100 TH/s and are negotiating to acquire Bitmain S19 XP (140 TH/s) bitcoin mining rigs for release in mid 2022.

Blockchain Gaming

P2Earn is dedicated to providing gamers with a fun and rewarding experience that allows them to earn real-world rewards for their gameplay. By leveraging the latest blockchain technology, we’ve created a gaming ecosystem that rewards players for their time and skill, providing them with valuable cryptocurrency.

Podcast & Audio

P2Earn recently acquired a podcast technology company and are building out a subscription-based podcasting platform with large-scale global distribution, empowering content creators to get paid for distributing their own paid-for content to their own uber-fans.

P2Earn Gaming Guild

Play2Earn acts as a sponsor for skilled gamers. The company provides these players with the necessary gear and funding to aid in their performance in various play-to-earn video games. The company and the player then split any profits 50/50.

By equally sharing any profits generated, Play2Earn creates a mutually beneficial relationship that incentivizes players to strive for excellence and rewards them accordingly, while simultaneously driving growth and success for the company.

How P2Earn uses Play-to-Earn Gaming with NFT Guild Delegation

P2Earn Bitcoin Mining Operation

We operate an efficient Bitcoin mining operation powered by sustainable energy sources. We have a total capacity of 14,934 TH/s. Our operation includes state-of-the-art 140TH/s Bitmain XP machines constituting approximately 17% of our total capacity.

Our Bitcoin is mined in colocation facilities throughout North America with all miners under manufacturer warranty. Our cohosted facility operates 24/7 and is fully managed to ensure maximum uptime and operational reliability.

Carbon Neutral Mining

Ensuring our mining operation is sustainable is hugely important to us. With the help of our mining partners, we aim to source only clean, carbon-neutral power.

Next Gen Miners

We aim to scale our mining operation quickly and HODL for the future by running only the most profitable and energy-efficient machines (S19j Pro & S19XP 140TH/s).

Our Partners

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Download our play-to-earn beginner’s guide to learn the basics of this revolutionary concept. Our guide explains step-by-step how play-to-earn gaming works, how players make money playing games online, how NFTs work, and how marketplaces operate.  

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